What you can expect from  my 3 days 1st Level NLP Basics Workshop?

This workshop has been my most successful training product, that I have been selling during the last two decades. Infact, this workshop has been more popular than my NLP Practitioner 5 days workshop.

There was a time, when people usually asked me what I shall cover in the 1st level workshop. Now-a-days I don’t get this question so much, as most of the participants who find me are through reference or word of mouth. That saves me from having to sell my workshop to them. They are already sold.  Participants tell me what they want for themselves from attending this workshop. If they don’t tell, I ask them and then if we agree on the same, then they sign-up.

Every Trainer’s NLP training style is different and You can experience that difference during the 1st Level NLP Workshop. In this write-up, I am attempting to write about my style of training and how I run my NLP 1st Level workshop and also explore a bit about why this workshop is my most successful product in the last two decades of my career.

Usually, the first NLP workshop is very special as the participant would experience the magic of how identifying his/her own blind spots can transform his/her perception about their own self and the way they see everything in this world.

Understanding some of the NLP fundamentals can help participants understand the way they have been habituated to see the world and learn about the other ways that are possible to see the world. It just takes a moment to break out of your own maze and see the mazes that are other people have habituated to live in. 

NLP Training usually is a series of such moments where we understand a thought pattern and realise the stupidity of being stuck with that particular thought pattern in life. As you realise the stupidity, the moment of liberation happens. It is all about awareness!! When you know what you have missed all your life, you can now look at life as the first day of the rest of the life and start again with all the cheerfulness to play with life again.

The first level NLP workshop offers this possibility of jump in one’s consciousness and invites that person to a exciting journey of a series of such jumps in consciousness through the higher level NLP programmes.

Every such jump in consciousness helps one to see more of the horizon and then it strikes how people are different in their ways of being and how we have always been getting into same kind of issues again and again all our life!

My job in the workshop is to listen to the participant’s life and assess the hidden patterns which run beneath the situations that the participant has been facing in his/her life. When we figure out the hidden pattern, suddenly the whole life looks like a repetition of sorts…like what appears like a straight road journey transforming suddenly into a beautiful curly circle of sort, where we have been traveling again and again to come to the same point in our lives!

In some ways, that kind of exposes the mental signature, which has the core of our being. The job of coming to face it requires a lot of strength to face the truth of one’s own life! 

When people come with a strong desire to figure out their own patterns, unweaving their bit from their life situation & facing it, they usually draw out the confidence and strength to face it and deal with it! The trainer’s job is easy to just facilitate the process of learning and healing through these moments of jumps.

When people come only with a strong desire to learn NLP and become a trainer or just want to complete the certification, then to bring them to themselves and see their blind spots is quite a task for the trainer. Sometimes I succeed or sometimes I do what is possible and leave them with a foresight of what is expected in their situations of life, based on my assessment of those patterns & judgements about life, that I have experienced.

This foresight is not available in text books. It is available from the trainer’s experience and experiments of life. This is the same NLP concepts that can be transformed into a breakthrough moment for the participant, based on the trainer’s expertise.

I attempt to figure out the mental signature of the participant, which if the participant is not already aware can be a great learning moment. Life after the workshop is almost clear on how to deal with this mental signature for the rest of your life. You can manage it. You can change some of this. NLP Modelling can be very useful for this.

I also spend a lot of time assessing if the person would be strong enough the face the truth of their life, during the workshop. This can be figured out by observing the participants and listening to their stories carefully. If they are not ready, then my job as a trainer begins. I bring in all my skills to prepare this participant to face the truth about themselves. This is a never ending journey sometimes, but a great deal of journey can be covered in Level 1 NLP during those 3 days. Residential format of being together with the trainer helps the observation and listening processes tremendously.

Last bit is the foresight which comes from the wisdom of the trainer. This foresight usually is offered as a possibility, assuming that the participants run the same patterns in their life, till the day they wake up to it and change it.

With all this gentle listening, suggesting, pointing out, challenging, provoking from the trainer, what you might go back with is a mentally exercised mind which is more agile and reflexive going back to your life!

On top of all this, the idea of NLP, some of its principles & methods from studying how they led to transformations amongst the other participants (and also yourself) during the level 1 workshop is what you can expect to go back with from the NLP level 1 workshop.

I may not be able to explain all of this to the new participants who ask me what topics would be covered in the workshop. I simply say something that they could relate to from this whole process and invite them to trust me and jump into the experience. Sometimes some participants can’t trust and jump. As a result, they leave me. I am fine with that and I wish them all the best!

For those who trust me and jumps, I am at their service and I do what I could during those 3 days with an intent to make it the most realistic experience of meeting themselves during those 3 days, which I know can become a very special memory of their lifetime. I still remember my first level NLP workshop with Sue, when I came to terms with myself!! 🙂

The next 3 days NLP Basics Residential programme is on 5-7 February 2021 at my farm home in the Bengaluru Outskirts. I am visiting Mumbai & New Delhi during March & April. You can find out more information about all this in my website – www.Shinota.com and you can also WhatsApp me on +91 9446 174 009 to discuss with me, if you have more questions, that you cannot discuss in the comments below.

Note :

This level 1 (NLP Basics) & Level 2 (NLP Practitioner) can be done together online too over a period of 6 weeks. The details are available on my website!!

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