Training Challenges during Covid Times!

A young graduate girl reached out to me for NLP Coaching few weeks ago. I worked with her and she was keen to take it further. She signed up the Level 1 & Level 2 workshop coming weekend.

I liked her enthusiasm given that she is recovering from an unexpected accident injury that she faced in her life.I already have run quite a few level 1 workshops and so I have about 3 people for the Level 2 workshop from Apr 1 to 6 including this girl.However for the Level 1 workshop (26-28 Mar), the other lady who wanted to register backed out due to health reasons last week. So I am left with this girl for the level 1 workshop. She is coming all alone from the neighbouring state of Kerala.

 I have promised to organise pick-up and drop for her on her arrival & departure.It is hard to find people who have the courage to travel during Covid. I was lucky to find such people continuously in the last few months for my workshop.I have another four days left and I am hoping if I can have one or two participants more, then I can run a houseful Level 1 workshop.

If it is just one participant, what do I do? I have to run this workshop. If I don’t, I would let the rising Covid situation affect my life and others.

I don’t know what the bigger plan is…

I am going to wait and see!!

– Ashok Subramanian (

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