Ashok Subramanian is well regarded as a Trainer who pioneered NLP Trainings in India since two decades.

He is especially known for his work on weaving NLP into various domains of Self-Development to increase the end effectiveness and impactfullness of these domains and their expertise.

Here are a few glimpses of the specialised trainings that Ashok Subramanian has pioneered internationally & locally, about which he delivers sessions in international conferences periodically to advance the spread of NLP into various domains and markets.

NLP, Yoga & Ayurveda

NLP & Creative Movement Therapy

NLP & Sociocracy3.0

NLP & Outbound Training

NLP, Vedanta & Spirituality

NLP for Corporate Training

NLP for Retail Store Employees in Tamil

NLP + Nature in a farm house setting

NLP for Family Excellence - Homeschoolers

NLP for Small Town Business Owners

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