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"Take a break. Come for a holiday. Let's reflect upon your life & yourself"

- Ashok Subramanian

"Ashok sir has a unique ability of observing and analyzing behaviors of people in a very short span of time (a rare quality not found in many trainers today), and communicating them to the participants without offending them.   He personalizes NLP for every trainee and then converses at the level of each participant. The best part about him is the space he gives to learn and observe during the workshop. A very down to earth person, who does not judge any participant but helps them genuinely to the best possible extent."
- Karan Gandhi, Senior Manager – HR , JSW Infrastructure Ltd. , Mumbai attended Ashok's NLP-i Practitioner Workshop in Mumbai during Jun 2016
Ashok Subramanian offers NLP & Movement Therapy Session @ NLP Conference India, Mumbai - 2019


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Ashok Subramanian speaks at the Global NLP Summit - July 2020



Video Glimpses from Ashok's Pioneering Work :


Watch our videos to know more about the kind of workshops that we design and deliver in the world of NLP.


1. Virtual NLP Practitioner Training Video Lesson - Dealing with Difficult People in Work Place (23.25 min) (new)

2NLP Training Online Level 1 with Ashok Subramanian - Participant Feedback (English&Hindi) (34 min)

3. Ashok's NLP-i  Workshop Film - Integrating 5 different fields in 5 days @ New Delhi - 2016 (English) - 4.30 Minutes

4. Ashok's NLP-i Workshop - Participants Testimonials @ New Delhi - 2016 (English) - 4 Minutes

5. Ashok's NLP Leadership Workshop for Business Entrepreneurs in Coimbatore - Trailer, India - 2017 ( Tamil ) 

6. Ashok's NLP+ Ayurveda Workshop Participants Stories - Trailer @ Kerala, India - 2015 (English)

7. Ashok's NLP Mastery Workshop - Participants Stories- 1 @ Munnar - 2018 (English)

8. Ashok's NLP Mastery Workshop - Participants Interview - 2 ( S3 + NLP Integration) @ Munnar - 2018 (English)

9. NLP Conference India Webinar on Beliefs - Play with your Empowering Beliefs & Limiting Beliefs!  - 1/3 (35 min) 

10. Watch our NLP Basic Workshop Participants explain their experience with Ashok for 2 days. 

11. Watch Ashok explain Language Psychology (English Vs Tamil)  in NLP Practitioner Course



"Dear Ashok, You have the unique ability of reading people, understanding their thought process, analysing their behaviour and getting to the root cause of their issues and problems, which I witnessed throughout the course. You disseminate the key learnings through your in-depth knowledge of mythological stories, teachings of ancient Indian monks, philosophers, theologists with a blend of humour, songs and anecdotes. The messages and signals were conveyed in a very simple and candid manner, which is a very rare experience in any training course that I've attended thus far."

- Sandeep Karkera, Sales Operation & Planning Manager, Good Year Tyre & Rubber Company, Dubai attended  5 days Ashok's NLP Practitioner Course @ Jodhpur Outskirts during 2014




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