Level 1 – NLP Basics Workshop 

Online – 4 days – 2 hrs every day @ Zoom
In Person (Non- Residential) – 2 days – 10 am to 6pm @ Mumbai
In Person (Residential) – 3 days  @ Krishnagiri Farm House, Tamil Nadu (3 hrs from Bengaluru Airport)


Course Intro:

Get Ready for your biggest breakthrough with Ashok Subramanian with these programmes!

This course will focus on Identifying your patterns in your language, thoughts & behaviours. Ashok after assessing your patterns will raise your awareness about those patterns by discussing the pros & cons of those patterns. Learning New Effective patterns to replace your old patterns will be the start of your NLP Journey.

NLP Models relevant to your personal growth will be identified by the Trainer and the reprogramming will begin in this programme.

Course Outcomes:

Learn to recognise the subconscious programmes that runs behind your conscious thought patterns to be able to understand how you are the way you are!

Learn to craft your subconscious programmes so that you can achieves lasting changes in your conscious thought patterns.

Understand the structure of language and the distinction in each one’s language usage to understand the psychological nuances in their mind.

Raise your ability to influence yourself & others towards a better state of mind & body.

Learn the difference between how you see things around you and how others see things around you and there by figuring out how to connect with each other using those subtle nuances in each other’s seeing.

Course Details :

NLP Basics Workshop 

Online – | Cost – Rs. 7,500/- | Zoom | 12-13th & 26-27th Aug 2023 | 2 hrs per day

In Person (Non – Residential) – | Cost – Rs. 20,000/- | Mumbai | 19th & 20th Aug 2023 | 10 am to 6 pm

In Person (Residential) – | Cost – Rs. 25,000/- | Farm House, Krishnagiri Tamil Nadu | 1-3 Sep 2023 |

The Lead Trainer for this course is Ashok Subramanian.

This course is open for freshers who would like to learn NLP skills to refine your self and grow in life!

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What our customers are saying about us

The six days that I spent attending the NLP Practitioner Course in Jodhpur were the most transformational and impactful moments in my life.

Sandeep Karkera

Sales Operation

The most that has stayed from me from the NLP Practitioner workshop is the fact that I was able to connect with myself and my emotions.

Bandana Ghosh


The most that has stayed from me from the NLP Practitioner workshop is the fact that I was able to connect with myself and my emotions.

Nehrini Nambisan

Founder & CEO

It was a wonderful experience for me with Ashok; it was like realizing me as Ashok told once during the workshop that I am a lion who don’t know about it.

Abilash Soman

Assistant Professor

Understanding and working on the deeper concepts and tools NLP has to offer to improve one ’s self through experiential learning was a key in the entire workshop.

Priya Gururaj,


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