NLP can help your business identify the unconscious patterns that run in your business and figure out more possibilities with those patterns.

It will be possible to identify Limiting Patterns and Patterns of Excellence that impacts your business.

How ithe dynamics of individuals impact the group dynamics will usually be a revelation for the business owners. NLP can help them spot those patterns and understand the missing pieces in the big picture to draw an overall framework to cultivate hidden excellence amongst their employees.

NLP plays a significant role in assessing the organisational dynamics and fixing the same using Pattern Analysis.

NLP Models are highly effective in the following domains – Sales, Negotiation, Customer Sensitivity, Conflict Resolution, Goal Setting, Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Outbound Training and can create significant difference for the Business.

Ashok Subramanian has worked extensively in the last 25 years with Small Private Businesses to Large Public Sector Organisations to draw excellence amongst their employees.

Corporate Training

Emotional Intelligence & NLP for Harmony at Workplace
Movement Therapy & NLP for Accelerating Mental Health
NVC & NLP for Conflict Resolution
Sociocracy & NLP for Employee Effectiveness
NLP Problem Solving for Organisational Excellence
NLP & Ayurveda for Employee Health Management

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NLP Tool Kit for Leaders to Optimise your Team Performance

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