How Ashok has made a difference in people's lives

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Ashok sir has a unique ability of observing and analyzing behaviors of people in a very short span of time (a rare quality not found in many trainers today), and communicating them to the participants without offending them. He personalizes NLP for every trainee and then converses at the level of each participant. The best part about him is the space he gives to learn and observe during the workshop. A very down to earth person, who does not judge any participant but helps them genuinely to the best possible extent.

Karan Gandhi, Senior Manager

HR , JSW Infrastructure Ltd. , Mumbai

Dear Ashok, You have the unique ability to read people, understanding their thought process, analysing their behaviour and getting to the root cause of their issues and problems, which I witnessed throughout the course. You disseminate the key learnings through your in-depth knowledge of mythological stories, teachings of ancient Indian monks, philosophers, theologists with a blend of humour, songs and anecdotes. The messages and signals were conveyed in a very simple and candid manner, which is a very rare experience in any training course that I've attended thus far.

Sandeep Karkera

Sales Operation & Planning Manager, Good Year Tyre & Rubber Company, Dubai

Ashok is able to connect to people very easily. I like the way he resolves the issues for those who ask for help. Also, he behaves more like a friend than a trainer. He has immense knowledge and is a well read person. He is able to understand the meaning of quotes written by great authors.

Farhana Rakshand

French Teacher, Jaipur

With Ashok it is very different. He can make a difficult situation also very simple which helps a beginner also get into the subject and learn a lot. I also admire Ashok's ability to observe people, learn what is going on inside a person and get through to them, so that he can help the person to re-observe their own-self and move forward to their desired state.

Bandana Ghosh

Entrepreneur, Kolkata

Ashok has a fantastic way of holding a participant's hand and take him/her to a journey where s/he has never been. I felt it like that. His words touched somewhere inside and stirred me up. Made me think and see the mirror. After his session, I am more aware about where all I have to actually focus in my life to accomplish my goals. I loved the Buddha and Osho stories he shared. How skillfully he merges the stories with what was happening / had happened in my life was a very nice experience. Having knowledge is one thing, but to convert that knowledge into wisdom is an art which I could clearly see in Ashok's sessions. I am extremely glad that I took up this long awaited workshop with him. I had just heard stories of him, but it was another experience to be with him in person.

Vikas Michael

Corporate Trainer, New Delhi

Ashok is a gifted NLP trainer and the best I saw till date. I learnt a lot of things from him like the way he gives feedback, the way he manages people, giving examples according to the person’s interest for example in my case Ashok always gave examples from cricket so that I can understand properly. He does the training to our sub-conscious mind and it’s very
difficult to recollect everything in the time of workshop but slowly we can recollect it once you start reading the books related to the topic. The special thing about Ashok’s NLP training is the selection of venue for the training; it’s really out of the world.

Nehrini Nambisan

Founder & CEO, D'You Mind, Bangalore

It was a splendid encounter with such a genius Master. Sir, you taught us not only NLP, but it was a self-realization and a complete transformation to a positive zone.I can find a great change then and now.

Manoj Jain

Director, NIIT, Ahmedabad

Thanks a lot for the amazing NLP experience I went through. my journey was unknown but with each passing day I got to know where I was heading. even after days have passed still certain things are sinking in and they come to me in my daily life activitites. Its strange for me the way a 7 day course has touched my life. I am sure there is more to it and i am glad that i took this step in my life.

Japneet Anand

Psychotherapist, Mumbai