Workshop Level 3 – 10 days NLP Master Practitioner Workshop

@ Tamil Nadu & Kerala

Course Intro :

Catch Ashok Subramanian Modeling in realtime with his Teachers!

This course will focus on how to model to learn new strategies from exemplary people, who mentored and created a marked change in Ashok’s life.

This course will involve traveling to places where excellence can be identified & studied in real time.

Nothing will convince about Modeling and the changes that it bring in one’s life like the experience of Modeling itself and that is what this course will focus about.

Modeling has its pros & cons and The course will focus on how to cautiously tread on the path of modeling to super accelerate your personal growth with the domains of knowledge that is beyond the realms of your conscious mind.

Learn experientially the principles of Modeling & lay the foundation for expertness as a Modeller in life!

Reclaim your childhood enthusiasm for learning and understand what it takes to live a life dedicated to your own personal learning and others.

Course Outcomes :

Develop a deeper understanding of your own patterns that hinder your learning process in life.

Learn to learn something that can bring phenomenal changes to your personality & life.

Understand how to loose yourself during modeling and how to gain yourself after Modeling to evaluate the fruits of Modeling.

Learn to put your NLP Skills in practice and connect to the outer world with elegance & clarity.

Sharpen your observation skills to fine-tune your modeling skills to make it a day to day habit of Modeling Excellence!

Grow your understanding about your body energies and food habits and see how they influence your personality towards negotiating the life experiences.

Reclaim yourself from the depth of your being to be able to be your best self in life yet again!

Learn the various applications of NLP in working with people to bring the best out of themselves.

Become a master in your modeling skills by truly learning how to be a student of life yet again!

& much more…

Course Details :

NLP Master Practitioner Certification | Residential | Bangalore Outskirts & Munnar Hills, Kerala

| NLP Intensive Residential Learning | 6th Mar– 20th Mar 2023 |
| Cost – Rs. 1,50,000/- | (Rs.10,000/- per day)

The Lead Trainer for this course is Ashok Subramanian.

This course is open for all those who have completed NLP Level 1 & 2 workshop with Ashok Subramanian. The no. of days and price can be calculated on the basis of Rs.10000/- per day. Depending on the number of days, your certification level can be agreed upon. This is the course for those who are looking for a quicker completion of NLP Certification for their career plans, without compromising on the quality of learning.

Please whats app me on +91 94461 74009 to register for this workshop.

Please watch the video testimonials of the past participant, who had done the NLP for Families workshop before Covid.

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What our customers are saying about us

The six days that I spent attending the NLP Practitioner Course in Jodhpur were the most transformational and impactful moments in my life.

Sandeep Karkera

Sales Operation

The most that has stayed from me from the NLP Practitioner workshop is the fact that I was able to connect with myself and my emotions.

Bandana Ghosh


The most that has stayed from me from the NLP Practitioner workshop is the fact that I was able to connect with myself and my emotions.

Nehrini Nambisan

Founder & CEO

It was a wonderful experience for me with Ashok; it was like realizing me as Ashok told once during the workshop that I am a lion who don’t know about it.

Abilash Soman

Assistant Professor

Understanding and working on the deeper concepts and tools NLP has to offer to improve one ’s self through experiential learning was a key in the entire workshop.

Priya Gururaj,


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