25 years ago, I got attracted to NLP for my own personal learning. Personalised feedback offered to me by my trainer helped me grow my personality at a never before pace. Even though, NLP Trainings are often focused to meet our personal needs, there may be things that we can’t disclose in the training room infront of every one or you may be interested that the trainer focuses on your personal needs much more than what you receive in the training room.

So Personalised training is usually done on a 1 on 1 format, where the trainer exclusively focuses on you and discusses all your matters in private.

Due to the high value quotient, There are many who opt for these trainings. Due to Ashok’s limited time, we can’t accept all the requests. However, we have a waitlist and Ashok does get back to every one and works with them in time.

We have the following areas, where we currently offer personalised trainings.

Family Counselling 1