Family Counselling

Families are institutions that are meant to produce healthy and happy people, however many families have turned dysfunctional institutions in time, that they produce dysfunctional people who inturn suffer from low mental health and physical health across generations.

Family Counselling is about using NLP Skills to study the patterns in your family and see how they impact the members of the family. There after Ashok would educate the members of the family with the findings of the limiting patterns and useful patterns of excellence, so that family as an institution can be nurtured and restored to glory.

This course is again done on a 1 to 1 format and is usually for 6 weeks with (2 x 1 hr session every week), which works out to a total of 12 sessions.

If you are interested, please write to us. Ashok may not be able to take up all requests immediately, but he usually works with every request with time.

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