NLP – The Art of getting results in life – 2

When my wife was carrying my daughter 13 years ago, We had no idea about what is a healthy pregnancy and normal delivery.

had this quest for excellence may be naturally, which got emboldened with NLP. I read about water birthing during her 8th month and we could not find any possibility of it
in South India, but we figured out about a visiting Doula from US – Yoli in Bengaluru.

After meeting her, I put my trust in her and she taught us what to expect in Hospitals and how a women’s body work during delivery. We were sitting and learning all these in xeroxed black & white sheets in
a restaurant in Bengaluru. After all the theory classes, she was present with us in the delivery room negotiating between the doctor and us to help my wife in the normal delivery.

In NLP terms, I modeled her ideas, her strategies, her beliefs which hugely helped us achieve the desired result in that pregnancy and what we walked away with was a template for any one who aspires for a
normal delivery in a hospital setting.

We followed the same template in the next deliveries, which got improvised by modeling some mid-wives in the water-birthing setting in Birth Village, Kerala.

Two weeks ago, we had a couple visiting us from Madurai who had attended my workshop during their first pregnancy to model our experience of birthing. However, they went to the hospital trusting the doctor
and eventually ended with C-section. They had come again this time, to fine-tune their modeling and attempt water birthing now that they are expecting their second child. I was sharing my experience, my thoughts, my beliefs about pregnancy and delivery with

They took back the fine-tuned template that we have now and got all the contact details of the relevant person and went back with a determination of pursuing normal delivery this time.

Pursuit of excellence usually leaves behind a template of how we got on in that pursuit.

The attitude of excellence helps one in figuring out these templates when there is none in the first place.

So Learning NLP is about cultivating an attitude of excellence in life and also learning relevant templates to achieve results in the domains relevant to our life journey.

When I opened my counselling centre and children play space in my hometown, I had people who came to me for any assistance for their special children.

I instantly remembered the result one of our participant got with Ayurvedic Monk Swami Radha Krishna several years ago. However, I didn’t recommend them him straight away.

I played basketball with him to make him more active, exhaust his energy and also teach him numbers.

After a month of play, he got along well and with the rapport and trust I had, I suggested them to meet the monk in Kerala for their son’s condition. Their immediate response was they have tried so many things
including Ayurveda and they only created bad experience for them and their son.

On my insistence, they agreed to try Swami and traveled all the way to Kerala and I set-up the meeting between them.

This was a clear example of some one doesn’t get a desired result with Ayurveda and how NLP can help them.

It has been a year now, Since they have taken these medicines. I have counselled them number of times in the first few times to help them see the progress in their Son and persist with the medicines.

During the first 3 months, There were so many misunderstandings, miscommunication & mistakes in the process. However I did not let them give up on Swami and in fact Swami also contributed all that he could
more than the medicines.

There were somethings about their way of thinking that did not suit Ayurveda and that was the initial struggle in the process. There were times when every one of us were on the edge and we managed ourselves
and we all persisted with each other.

After 4th month, the process became easy. They understood how the routines and medicines work and how they have to see the progress and they got into the discipline of Ayurveda at least to the extent to see
the results in their son.

Now almost in the 10th month of treatment, they are reporting tremendous progress in their son. I have to take him to basketball again to measure the progress from another point of view.

Now that I have worked with them very closely, now I have a template for getting results with special children using Ayurveda.

So today, I am a NLP Trainer and with 25 years of modeling experts in pregnancy, special children, Ayurveda, Creative Movement, Organisational Development, Gestalt, Visual Arts, Family Counselling, etc..
I am a man of templates.

I have so many blue prints (template) to achieve so many things in life. Passing these blueprints is what NLP Training is all about.

Once you receive these blueprints, you can easily and quickly achieve results in your desired area and also cultivate the habit of fine-tuning your own blueprints by modeling experts in the area of your relevance.

Once upon a time, these blue-prints were passed on to us by our earlier generations. Now-a-days, these lineage links are broken..we need to reclaim those links from the lineage to achieve excellence, rather
than buying or outsourcing things to the vendors in the market.

The reason is vendors sell us mediocrity in the name of products that suits them more than us. However NLP can figure out excellence by figuring out experts who are not in the market, but hidden somewhere
beyond our eyes.

Take an NLP course to correct your eyesight to see excellence from mediocracy & help yourself & your family move to a new height of excellence with the help of all these passionate experts who are raising
the bar for excellence in our society!

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