Munnar Diaries – 1 – (The flow of Divine for my session @ Global NLP Summit!)

It was an amazing day yesterday as we returned back from Munnar.

Having completed the NLP & Ayurveda workshop on 19th March, I had planned to travel the 19th night to be ready for my session at the Online Global NLP Summit, next day!

For various reasons, I had to cancel my train on 19th night and instead decided to stay back at Munnar for two more days and do the conference from there.In the last minute, we decided to travel on the road with one of our participants Ranganidhi, who kindly offered to stop by at a convenient location for my session during mid-day.

So it was all fun and we decided to touch the plains by 11am and find a hotel, from where I could have run my session online for the Global NLP Summit.When we were about 10 kms from reaching the plains, we were crossing the last stretch mountainous roads on the Chinnar Wild Life Sanctuary Area. There was road construction going on and they have stopped all traffic for a couple of hours.We had vehicles before and after. We were all stuck!! There was no signal. We had only 1 hour left.I walked across the vehicle queue to check when they would open it all up. After walking a kilometre, I realised it is going to take at least an hour or two for them to open the roads for traffic.

I did not panic. The thought of missing my session crossed my mind. I wished I could at least inform the conference organisers about my situation. If I had signal, I could have run the session from the rocky terrain on both side of the roads. My heart was racing to connect with all those who may be looking forward to my session in the conference!

I walked back to my vehicle, picked up my laptop, my internet connector and bid Adieu to my family in the car saying that I am going in search of signal and possibly will do the session from wherever I get the signal. They all said okay in disbelief.

I walked across a few vehicles to realise that the two wheelers were finding their way through the road construction, as there was a brief halt by that huge machine.One stranger on the road was encouraging another stranger on a two wheeler to get going. I was walking by listening to them. This stranger on the two wheeler with his mask on, was starting his vehicle. With my laptop and internet connector on hand, I requested him that if he can drop me in an area where I could get signal. In that moment, he obliged.

I started traveling behind him without informing my family. As he drove across the forest area, I kept the internet connector on to see where I get proper signal. I was also scared for elephants and leopards if I decide to stop by in the middle of the forest.As we were traveling, I looked at the time and I had only 15 minutes to the session. 

Finally, he dropped me of at a tea shop near a check-post, where we had signal.I thanked him and got down and sat on the roadside table with the tea-stall owner’s permission. It was 8 minutes to my presentation, when I logged in.In all the hurry, I forgot the charger which was in my laptop bag in the car.I started my session with the hope that the charge would last for my session and it did!!I had 1% left when I finished my session.

I really found my flow in the session and a lovely bunch of seekers inspired my sharing.This is the third time, I am presenting for NLP Conference India and loved it like every time.Just 10 minutes before my session, My family arrived in the car and located me in the tea shop after scouting the mountainous road to look for me on any rock on their sight.

A perfectly co-ordinated sequence of events beyond my understanding, when I had landed myself on the edge once again out of my positivity to flow into the unknown!!

Thank you, Divine for your loving grace!!

– Ashok Subramanian (

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