Unique NLP Workshops Coming to your city, again!

Announcing my visits to the following cities soon – Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai & New Delhi.

Currently, I have a set of 6 Trainers from these cities, who are at the NLP Trainer Training Level, learning with me.

I am all set to jointly launch 2 days NLP workshops with them in the above cities.

We are all having a great time at the 6 weekend NLP Refresher Programme online, which seem to be incubating a lot of fresh ideas how we take our trainings in the post covid world.

These workshops will be delivered together as part of their trainer training course to help them model me not just in delivering the training, but also in organising the same together. It will also help them build them a small community of NLP Learners in their city, which they can nurture and inturn get their business nurtured through them.

It has been long since I had traveled beyond Krishnagiri to deliver Public NLP workshops. However, I am excited this year to again travel to these cities…after all I have some friends in each city to catch up and also friendships with each city itself to nurture!!

Course Details :

Duration – 2 days (Non-Residential)

Time – 9.30 am to 5.30pm

Cost : Rs.7500/-

Please wait for the dates! All those who are interested to join these workshops, please ping me on +91 9446 174 009.

2 days NLP Workshop Testimonials

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