25 years ago, I got attracted to NLP for my own personal learning. Personalised feedback offered to me by my trainer helped me grow my personality at a never before pace. Even though, NLP Trainings are often focused to meet our personal needs, there may be things that we can’t disclose in the training room infront of every one or you may be interested that the trainer focuses on your personal needs much more than what you receive in the training room.

So Personalised training is usually done on a 1 on 1 format, where the trainer exclusively focuses on you and discusses all your matters in private.

Due to the high value quotient, There are many who opt for these trainings. Due to Ashok’s limited time, we can’t accept all the requests. However, we have a waitlist and Ashok does get back to every one and works with them in time.

We have the following areas, where we currently offer personalised trainings.

  • Leadership Training
  • Family Counselling
  • Bottle Neck Coaching
Family Counselling 1

Leadership Training:

This is for growing your leadership skills.

Ashok has put together 12 video lessons summarising the fundamental skills to be efficient in people management at work or at home. These videos are the result of wisdom accumulated over the last 25 years of Ashok’s work in the NLP Domain.

The format for this training is 12 coaching sessions (2 x 1 hr coaching session, every week) after watching 12 video lessons from Ashok.

You are expected to watch one video before every coaching session. To complete all the 12 videos, it shall take 6 weeks for this personalised training.

The coaching sessions are highly valuable, as Ashok works with you personally to understand your beliefs & values and reprogrammes you where ever needed after discussing the same in detail with you.

As this is done in Online Mode, People around the world who can’t make it to the training physically can make use of this course to learn from Ashok directly from your home or office or your car!!

Family Counselling

Families are institutions that are meant to produce healthy and happy people, however many families have turned dysfunctional institutions in time, that they produce dysfunctional people who inturn suffer from low mental health and physical health across generations.

Family Counselling is about using NLP Skills to study the patterns in your family and see how they impact the members of the family. There after Ashok would educate the members of the family with the findings of the limiting patterns and useful patterns of excellence, so that family as an institution can be nurtured and restored to glory.

This course is again done on a 1 to 1 format and is usually for 6 weeks with (2 x 1 hr session every week), which works out to a total of 12 sessions.

If you are interested, please write to us. Ashok may not be able to take up all requests immediately, but he usually works with every request with time.

Bottle Neck Coaching

If you have a situation at home or office, where you are mentally stressed and finding yourself in low resources, then this is the one for you.

You can take up this coaching for the duration of the situation, where Ashok can help you identify your limiting patterns those are responsible for the situation and how you can regain your resourceful state to work your way out of the situation by resolving the same.

People who are going through a process of transition in their life usually opt for this.

We can work on the time schedule of sessions based on your situation.

If you are interested, please write to us. Ashok may not be able to take up all requests immediately, but he usually works with every request with time.

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