NLP – The Art of getting results in life – 1

Pursue your actions and not to worry about the results…says Bhagavat Geetha!!

NLP is an art of pursuing actions to get results that you desire or that is possible.

There is so much distraction in this world today, especially when we pursue something…It could be as simple as going to a movie or as complicated as…building a house or marrying a particular person or accepting the strange realities of life post marriage, post child birth or achieving promotion in an organisation where promotion cannot be promised.

As we start to pursue our actions, we give up…we stride outside our path, confused by the chaos inside and outside of our mind.

Life itself is not to be blamed as in many cases, it is the mind who is playing the spoilsport in an unconscious state.

Almost half of my lifetime has gone-by in explaining to people that they are worthy of results that they aspire and it is sometimes that they are beliefs & values, their mind games which come in the way, because of which most of the times, we give up…still when there is possibility.

The idea of looking life through the patterns provides an alternate logical way to study things. It brings in an unexpected combination of trust and logic together to empower our pursuit, which can go beyond one’s own limitations of the mysterious mind.

There are many areas that I tend to use my NLP brain in my life. whether it is to get the best results in my wife’s child birth, or to design the learning environment for my children’s homeschooling or to find out the best school for my daughter or to help a person who was suffering from insomnia to sleep or to help a student to overcome his first break-up in school or to help another student- mom to mend their relationship to reduce their anxiety about each other’s fear for future…

I remember a college gal from Kozhikode who came to my workshop..She was the only participant, but I did manage to include my daughter and few other part-time participants to run the course. This gal has suffered from an accident in a travel bus and broken her back and had healed herself back from the injury, but still had always been careful with her body and her pursuits. After analysing her situation and listening her language I pointed out that she actually doesn’t know how much strength her body has regained now…I invited her to be part of a 6 hr trek. I told her that she can’t say she can’t climb the mountain..She has to come with a mindset of finding out how much she can climb. Her parents were not even happy for her travel in train, while she didn’t listen to them and kept traveling everywhere with confidence.

She took my challenge of trekking the mountain and I know her parents would have cursed me for my suggestion. We agreed that whenever she feels tired, we can retreat from the mountain and come back home.

She agreed to give a chance to her body and learn from the experience, rather than giving into all the fears and advices from the near and dear ones. To all of our surprise, she climbed the entire trek..and felt a new lease of life on the top….feeling liberated from the experience of feeling limited due to her injury.

Achieving results like this can’t happen in a closed room training. We discuss stuff in the closed room and come out to put those ideas into practice in the outside world.

She needs my energy, my curiosity, my risk-taking mindset, my support & care in putting herself into the challenge that she may have not dreamt off.

In enabling these kind of possibilities, NLP plays a big role.

There is so much possibility around us, but only if we dont close our vision to them in the way we think about it or talk about it to ourselves and others. Carefully, examining one’s language, thoughts & behaviour we can seek those possibilities and life emerges from those possibilities.

All that is needed is a curious friend who has some sense and experience and that’s what makes a NLP Trainer!

I often do this to myself, my wife and my children…and now-a-days I see them reflect on these curiosities as seriously as I do.

Life usually is a beautiful journey, but only if we dont close down our choices in the way we envision and say stories to ourselves.

I will write more about my case studies, where I have succeeded in getting results using NLP when almost every one in the situation had given up or were rigorously searching for results not aware of their blind spots in their vision.

Whether it is corporate training, family counselling, leadership counselling, organisational development, Child Birth, Homeschooling, Farming, Healing, Health, Special Children’s recovery….NLP’s approach of studying patterns finds the way to get to results, quicker and surprises every one!!

Much work is needed in highlighting NLP’s impact in every domain in this world and that is my life’s work now!

– Ashok Subramanian (

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