Level 2 – 6 days Residential NLP Practitioner Workshop

Krishnagiri Outskirts, TN

Course Intro:

Get ready for a living experience with Ashok Subramanian!

This course will focus on living a NLP Experience with Ashok Subramanian for six days in his farm house. Ashok Subramanian has carefully designed the 6 days experience by working on your fitness, sleep, food & learning during these six days.

Every Session is carefully designed to identify & fix limiting patterns in your personality on one hand, while on the other hand, learning new NLP models and understanding the principle of modeling to unearth the excellence in you is a parallel track that Ashok would be working.

You will witness the magic of NLP on your personal self and others during these six days of NLP and that will prepare a thorough foundation and clarity on what is possible with NLP & what is not. This foundation will go a long way in helping you grow your potential in Life and also learn the advanced NLP models in your next courses.

Course Outcomes:

Grow your observation skills to recognise the unconscious programmes that you and others run behind their language & behaviour.

Grow your listening skills to deeply connect with the other person on his beliefs & values and how he/she experiences the world around.

Enhance your skills to receive & give feedback in a way that releases your potential & others potential towards excellence!

Grow your self-reflection skills to understand your own personality using five different Neurological levels to explore your groundedness in life and how you can negotiate change without loosing your feet on the ground.

Understand the skill of modeling and how that can be an antidote to tackle your vulnerabilities of your mind, to facilitate powerful learning that comes by in your life.

Understand the dynamics of how a group of minds can come together in a hindered way and how to unweave those hindrances to facilitate harmony & happiness in teams at work or at home.

Learn to use Humour with your influencing skills to bring about change in you and others with a happy smile to facilitate the inward growth for all.

& much more..

Course Details : 

NLP Practitioner Certification | Residential | Shinota Farm House, Krishnagiri Outskirts (3 hrs drive from Bengaluru Airport)

| NLP Intensive Residential Learning | 21st-27th Sep 2023 |
| Cost – Rs. 1,00,000/- |

The Lead Trainer for this course is Ashok Subramanian.
This course is open for all those who are fresh to NLP.

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What our customers are saying about us

The six days that I spent attending the NLP Practitioner Course in Jodhpur were the most transformational and impactful moments in my life.

Sandeep Karkera

Sales Operation

The most that has stayed from me from the NLP Practitioner workshop is the fact that I was able to connect with myself and my emotions.

Bandana Ghosh


The most that has stayed from me from the NLP Practitioner workshop is the fact that I was able to connect with myself and my emotions.

Nehrini Nambisan

Founder & CEO

It was a wonderful experience for me with Ashok; it was like realizing me as Ashok told once during the workshop that I am a lion who don’t know about it.

Abilash Soman

Assistant Professor

Understanding and working on the deeper concepts and tools NLP has to offer to improve one ’s self through experiential learning was a key in the entire workshop.

Priya Gururaj,


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