NLP for Pregnancy Care & Healthy Birthing!

Last week, I ran a  NLP Basics course for four participants in my farm home. As the lock-down is being relaxed month by month in India, these four people bravely visited my home for a residential workshop.

What I felt interesting about this workshop was even though we organised the workshop during this unprecedented time, none of us talked or discussed about Covid throughout the workshop. We all discussed about each other’s life. This was a encouraging sign of people moving forward from being Covid-conscious.

One of my old participants returned back to my workshop with his wife, who was carrying. 

Their intent to be part of this workshop to explore how they can work towards raising the mental health of the new born using NLP.

We discussed about Water Birthing, Mid-wife vs Doctor Support, Hospital vs Birthing Centre, Ayurveda vs Allopathy care for the Mother, etc…

They were particularly interested in modelling our attitude towards birthing, as we have attempted water birthing so many times within my family.

We discussed about the water birthing options in India currently and our experience with Birth Village Birthing Centre in Kochi and Ayurvedic Support from Swami Radha Krishna to maintain the wellness of the carrying mother.

We also discussed about each of their individual patterns and states that they bring to this pregnancy and how they can be aware of their own patterns to manage the baby’s state in the womb!

In addition to this, they spent some time modeling my wife and kids to understand how their lives will be post pregnancy. NLP Modelling principles & techniques did clear some of the mental blocks that all of us have when we want to learn something new and challenging!

Seeing how I worked with participants in supporting their healing journey may have been very rejuvenating with all the fresh village food, the morning yoga in the farm, evening stroll into the lakeside and into the coconut grove!!

Overall I felt very satisfied sharing our stories of birth and how every time a new challenge popped up in each of my child’s birth and how we handled them.

I ended up sharing a general blue-print ( like a software programme) for healing conscious delivery for them to play around and customise the same as per their needs.

This is the first time, I am handling this topic within my workshop and I hope there are more people who could do this, so that we can have more healthy & healing conscious pregnancies, deliveries & peaceful babies, who shall take over the future of this world!!

NLP for pregnancy is a new emerging space, which can provide immense possibilities to over all improve the mental health of the couple and also the family by modelling brilliant strategies from other’s experience to beat their own vulnerabilities & the institutional vulnerabilities.

I have done this for my own family and tried to spread the word around to every one. It is my own NLP student who had to marry and come to model this for me, inspired by my talks on this subject before.

This is so important today as the trend of raising nuclear families doesn’t guarantee enough support of family structures or enough sharing of relevant birthing experience for new would-be mothers. Rather than every couple learning by trial and error, modeling can help them beat the common problems in birthing with the shared know-how.

This is very much done by the birthing centres, mid-wives & doctors. However with NLP modelling principles, this can go much deeper and healers & mental health professionals can be part of the team in enabling healing elements are also part of the birthing process!

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