Moving from Metro to Rural

One of the purpose that I moved from City life to my home town is to contribute back to my native with what I have acquired in my journey of life after leaving my hometown to Chennai for my 9th standard education.

This dream got a phenomenal start last month with my NLP workshop for my local business friends in Krishnagiri.

It is always a joy to run NLP workshops in Tamil as the mother tongue evokes discussion more contextualised with the local culture and local environment.

Thanks to Mr. Narayanamurthy Sairam for his evergreen enthusiasm to keep learning all the time and without his efforts and time, this programme may not have happened so successfully.

Thanks to all my business friends who agree to participate in this programme without knowing what they were stepping into.

As a trainer, I have always moved around different cities in India and that always confused me about where I want to live and what I want in my life. As a result, I spent very less time in one location and in one community where I would eventually belong.

Having chosen to return to my hometown five years back, it is only during this covid years, that I was able to engage with the local community full fledgedly and was able to spend time meaningfully with many friends, especially after I joined the local BNI Network in Krishnagiri.

Here is the feedback video of the 1 day NLP workshop from the local entrepreneurs in my native town –

While cities present with immense opportunities for a NLP Trainer, I see the same in small towns too…but just the effort is more and money is less, but I can confidently say that the quality of life, freshness/variety of food, the warmth of people, the thirst amongst people for learning something new and pace of life will make up for that.

If you want to experience and model my ways of aligning with the slower life away from the traffic jams and pollution, incase you want to consider this move from urban to rural in the future, do join me in my next NLP workshop here in my hometown!

I am sure you will go back with a lots of memories and friends alongside learning NLP for your own personal mastery!

– Ashok Subramanian (

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