A zoom session on “Goal Setting during Covid Times”

Date : Sunday – 25th April 2021

Time : 11 am to 1pm (2 hours)

Cost : Rs.1000/-

The challenges in 2020 & 2021 are only increasing!!

The world all over is challenged and more so our nation! The vision that kept us all in the move so far is shaken!

Every day the news is not helping!

While the sorry state of affairs in the world/country is bringing out a lot of things to be concerned about and addressed, I am of the belief that we cannot let this situation affect our resolve to find the solutions to move forward.

I refused to sit back and let the corona narrative take over my life.

I wanted to be in the thick of the action inspite of all the chaos around. What else will help us if we don’t act now?

I had set-up goals consistently and have been achieving them with reasonable success through 2020 and 2021.

The goals that I set-up for myself and the community around me in this hour of crisis is very important for its own survival and the country’s survival.

The participants whom I have worked with throughout this year and last year, have reported back improved health condition, motivation and being able to focus on their life and cause of life more fruitfully during these testing times.

When I reflect back, how did I manage to dream, set up courses in the middle of uncertainty, negotiating with the chaos all around me, I know it was the art of walking in the dark, with a light within, searching for the ray of possibility outside in every moment. This art I have consistently fine-tuned all through my life during the darkest phase of my personal crisis in my life.

I think it is crucial for all of us to be in the thick of action without loosing our vision, as if Tomm. is in our hands. There cannot be any other important tool other than “being able to act consistently with clarity of moving towards our goals”, which can save us from merely being a witness/succumbing to all the chaos happening around, but instead allow us to influence the chaos in a way that we could win back our dreams and our lives!!

In this session, I would be sharing how I manage to set-up & achieve my goals during these testing times and why it is important to work on the goals for ourselves and our businesses, inspite of our personal setbacks and pursuing them whole heartedly even if we know that they may not materialise in the way we expect!

I will be sharing how some new strategies/methods in addition to all the NLP Goals Strategies (that we already have), are essential to negotiate the way around us for ourselves and the world at large during this coranatime!

To join this session, please WhatsApp me on +91 9446 174 009.

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